Next Seminar Series in Sharjah with Peter Schreiner

Coaches at the seminars in 2014

Coaches at the seminars in 2014 with Logistics Coordinator – Capt. Moursi Mahbob


Information about Peter Schreiner

In November 2015 Peter Schreiner will return to UAE four Seminars from 18.11.15 to 21.11.15 (7.00 pm to 10.30 pm)

  1. Tuesday, 18.11.15
  2. Wednesday, 19.11.15
  3. Thursday, 20.11.15
  4. Friday, 21.11.15

Main Topics of the seminar:

NEW IDEA: How to Organize Complex Passing Drills combined with Sprint Training

Start ppp Start 2 ppp Start 3 ppp

Creating Shooting Opportunities and using them

  • Quick combinations like Bayern Munich through the center und over the wings
  • Finding the gap to score
  • Shooting under pressure of time and opponents
  • 19 Variations in the 6-Cone-Drill

Coaching Counter Attack

  • Tactical and technical aspects of transition
  • Perfect Counter attacks
  • Offensive Transition like Borussia Dortmund

start PPP

More information about the topic: 19 variations in the 6-Cone-Drill

Combining like Bayern Munich: Soccer Drill 14 playing over #10 und #6.

Praxis DVD 1 EN Cover 600

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