Soccer Coaches Seminar Ajman 2013: Theory – High Speed Soccer

Peter Scheiner and Mohamed Afifey - Theory of the Seminar

Tuesday, 5th of November 2013

Theory of the Soccer Coaches Seminar in Ajman 2013

High Speed Soccer
Teaching -“Tiqui taca” and “One-Touch-Soccer”

Learn from the best teams in Europe (Spain, Netherlands and Germany) how to dominate an opponent.
1. Theory, tactics and drills
2. Ball possession and counter attack
3. Basic exercises, drills for beginners, advanced and professionals.


  1. Philosophiy of the Ground Pass
  2. Tiqui taca – The Ball at the center of the game
  3. Teachin ball possession and counter attack
  4. How to brinng soccer players under pressure of time and an opponent
  5. Drills for beginners, advanced and professonals.

Download the PDF file of the Theory:

Seminar 1


Building triangles:

More information about DVDs:

About one touch and combination play, youth soocer, game intelligence, coordinaton training …

Soccer DVDs - Germany

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