Who is organizing the seminars?

Managing director and presenter:

Peter Schreiner
(Founder of Institute for Youth Soccer, Germany)

Former U19 Coach FC Schalke 04
– Presenter in more than 15 countries
– Author of many books, DVDs and articles in Magazines
– Founder of the software company „easy Sports-Software“ (Spain).

Head coach and organizer: Mohamed Afifey (Dubai), Head coach and organizer: Musab Al Hassoun (Dubai):

Managing Directors and head coaches: Peter Schreiner with Mohamed Afifey and Musab Al Hassoun


The seminar 2011 at Dubai International Private School School was organized by:

Mohamed Afifey, Mowafaq al Quran (princepal assistant) and Hamdy Ashish (in charge of activities at school). Presenter: Peter Schreiner

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